• Shoebox

    Box CartonShoemakers manufacturing require cardboard boxes and cardboard boxes for packaging solutions. Shoe box and shoe box can be
  • Pita Box

    Box CartonEspecially the kebabs serving outside need packaging box, pita box, lahmacun box, pizza box. Our factory has ready
  • Kebab and Lahmacun Box

    Box CartonThe kebab box and Lahmacun box are usually produced from E-wave cardboard and can be produced from C
  • Pizza Box

    Box CartonEspecially the pizzerias serving outside prefer the pizza box for their packaging needs. Pizza boxes are generally made
  • Telescopic Pan Box

    Box CartonPreliminary preparation is required according to product dimensions and printing for the production of Locked Pan Box. Necessary
  • Automatic Filling Box

    Box CartonThis box, which is a kind of molded box, is used for packaging of mass production products. The
  • Fruit Box

    Box CartonThe use of corrugated cardboard boxes is increasing rapidly in the packaging and transportation of vegetables and fruits.
  • Archive Box

    Box CartonArchive Box, office and workplace files and folders are made for archiving. Also named as Sgk Box, Document
  • Plug-in Box

    Box CartonOne of the special box types, “base box”, allows the customer to make packaging without the need for
  • Custom Cut Box

    Box CartonIn order to produce these boxes, a special knife or mold must be produced according to the dimensions