It can be named with seperated box, partition box, partitioned box.

The production of sepiators is minimum 1000 pieces.

Separator Box and separator box is usually used for;

Decompose products in parcel,
To prevent them from touching each other,
Easy access to products,
To ensure that the product is kept in the parcel,
It is used to increase the strength of choline,
A special cut cardboard with a separator is used for separating the box. Our customer decides how many sections will be in the separator box. The boxed box is usually suitable for:

It is especially suitable for use in cup case, egg carton, technological and sensitive products. Firms operating in these sectors usually use seperated carton and separator box for the needs of compartment box and compartment box.

In the manufacture of separators, depending on the size of the product is produced between 3000-5000 min.

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